About Forever Yane


As a woman working from home, it never seemed convenient or comfortable for me to get fully dressed (dress, jeans, and all!) but at the same time - I completely missed it! I missed feeling beautiful and that boost of confidence I would get while getting ready and focusing on myself in the mornings. I was looking at the same old baggy t-shirts and sweats daily that have been around longer than I care to mention.

That’s when Forever Yanè was born! I decided to create this line of premium women's lounge and sleepwear sets perfect for women like YOU, yes YOU! The new mommy adjusting to motherhood or the woman who has transitioned to remote work and the majority of her days are spent at home. Just like you, we too have gotten comfortable Wearing the same old thing but, we still crave that feeling of wanting to be sexy and uplifted with the clothes we have on.

Here at Forever Yanè we focus on bringing homebodies high-quality clothing and quick shipping to help you start feeling beautiful and comfortable with little to no hassle at all. Staying home never looked so good!