We’ve often wondered why women feel nervous buying and wearing lingerie. Or why for many women the first and last time they wear it, is on their honeymoon. The mainstream message presented in ads and on runways is that lingerie is meant to be enticing and seductive, or that it only looks good on certain bodies. 

So we understand why lingerie makes you feel uncomfortable, you think it’s something you wear for someone else. 

It also doesn’t help that you feel overlooked, like there’s no place for your body in lingerie because; you lost a lot of weight and now you have loose skin, or you’ve gained weight and now you really notice the cellulite.

And because you think lingerie is to impress someone else, you don’t feel good enough wearing it. We get it, when you feel disconnected from your body the last thing on your mind is to put on a piece of lingerie to impress someone else. 

Other lingerie brands make you feel like you don’t fit the mold of a perfect lingerie body. Forever Yanè is here to fill that gap. Our mission is to empower and celebrate your body, with body positive, inclusive lingerie. 

Aren’t you tired of messages telling you lingerie is for the viewing pleasure of someone else. Or that your body should look a certain way to wear sexy lingerie?

Your body is always changing as you fluctuate in weight, shape and size. At Forever Yanè, we embrace the body you live in, as it changes, grows and transforms with you.

There aren't enough empowering messages for women who don’t fit the mainstream standard of a ‘lingerie body’. It’s time for you and women like you to know lingerie is meant for you. We are changing the idea of “the perfect mold” for a lingerie body and celebrating your perfectly molded body.

You don’t have to worry about shopping for lingerie from a brand that doesn’t make your body feel welcome.  You don’t have to feel anxious or out of place at Forever Yanè when you compare your body to our models. And you definitely don’t need to work on your body just to put on lingerie. 

Your body tells your story and it represents the stages of your life. Embrace the story of your curves with Forever Yanè. Honor your body with our inclusive lingerie.

You’ll find pieces that speak to your body and your journey. From the bloating you experience during that time of the month, to your body transforming while it carries a new life and everything in between.

Forever Yanè embraces all bodies, because you deserve to celebrate your body at all its stages. We are a place for you to feel confident, beautiful and empowered. 

You’re in the right place, and you’ll never have to worry if lingerie is meant for you because our pieces are made with you in mind. 

Our body positive and body inclusive lingerie is created to make you feel confident, empowered and bold. Lingerie at Forever Yanè isn’t meant for someone else. It’s meant for you.



Growing up I was the "tall skinny girl" of the group. Boys made fun of me calling me sticks, slim jim, tree, etc. 

As a young girl, those insults left me with low self-esteem and zero confidence. It wasn't until eight years ago that I finally started to embrace my body. 

My journey was powerful because I didn’t embrace my body to be confident around men. I embraced my body for myself and now my confidence has gone unmatched.  

We as women are too hard on ourselves about the way we look. We seek this perfection that doesn't exist, not knowing we are perfectly imperfect. 

Forever Yanè is all about self-love and we create lingerie with all women in mind. We're here to tell you that your body is a lingerie body. 

Forever Yanè is a luxury lingerie and loungewear line helping women of all body shapes and sizes rebuild their confidence and draw out their inner sexy. 

We promise that you’ll be tapping into your inner Lizzo with one of our pieces. We're here to help you rebuild your confidence because size doesn’t define your beauty.

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